Artist rendering of columbarium

A columbarium is an above ground receptacle holding the cremated remains of the deceased in a sealed urn.

  1. The cost of building, installing and maintaining St. Paul’s columbarium and surrounding garden will be funded solely by the proceeds of the sale of niches and memorials as well as any donations. Any subsidies needed from the church treasury will be reimbursed from future niche sales. 
  2. A perpetual fund will be established for maintenance and upkeep of the columbarium and surrounding area as well as funding to maintain St. Paul’s cemetery. 
  3. The columbarium and surrounding area will be the sole property of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church and subject to policies established by the church council.
  4. St. Paul’s columbarium is intended for current and/or past members of St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church of Osseo, Minnesota and their immediate families. The columbarium committee will review and grant access for each application.
  5. The one-time purchase fee includes the use of a niche for the cremains and the engraving of the faceplate. There will be no additional cost for adding a second name to the faceplate at a later time. There are no additional fees for placing urns, opening/closing niches, or administration fees.
  6. A single 12x12 niche will hold one or two urns. Urns, whether purchased or custom made must be able to fit in the given space without modification to the columbarium. See Niche Dimension sheet for specs.
  7. The process of cremation, the urn(s), the funeral service, luncheon, or any other expenses incurred with the funeral are not included in the price.
  8. The current price per niche is $2500.00. The price may be adjusted in the future as the church council deems necessary.
  9. St. Paul’s will maintain a chart of niches available and will provide on request. An application may request a preferred location, but no location is guaranteed and is provided on a first come/first served basis.  
  10. The permit fee is due in full at the time the permit is issued. 
  11. Engraving on the faceplates will be confined to the names, date of birth, and date of death of the inurned. See Faceplate Engraving form. Other information or graphics may be included in a purchased memorial brick in the patio. The price of any memorial bricks is not included in the niche permit fee.
  12. Memorabilia may also be placed inside the niche within the confines of available space.
  13. Memorial decorations such as flowers, crosses, etc. may be TEMPORARILY displayed at the site and must be removed after 7 days from the funeral. Remembrance decorations may also be placed on anniversary dates and must also be removed after 7 days. No items of any sort may be permanently attached to the faceplate or on the columbarium with the exception of military badges. This will be left to the discretion of the columbarium committee and/or the church council. Any damage incurred will be charged to the family.
  14. St. Paul’s pastor and funeral coordinator shall arrange with the family of the deceased for the inurnment of the cremains and the committal service. The committal service at the columbarium shall comply with the existing funeral procedures of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, Osseo.
  15. Situations change – plans change. If a purchaser decides they do not want to use the purchased niche for whatever reason, the church will not buy it back. The purchaser may consider it a donation or upon request we will make every effort to connect the owner with a new buyer. Terms will be decided between the two parties.

Niche specs:

12x12" size, holding up to 2 urns

$2,500 price

Application for columbarium niche permit